How to browse with your mobile phone in Nigeria

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Posted by on Tuesday April 10, 2012 17:48:32:

If you have a mobile phone and want to be able to use it for doing mobile browsing, there are certain things that need to be done first before it can be enabled.

Most GSM companies in Nigeria offer mobile browsing for capable phones that have mobile browsers as long as their sim cards have been duly registered by the user. You would need to have your phone configured with the data settings for your network before attempting to use it for accessing the web.

Things you will need:
- A capable mobile phone
- A registered sim card
- Airtime credit

How to setup your phone
You would need to configure your phone with your network's gprs or other setting before using mobile browsing service. These settings can be set up either by calling your network to send it using OTA transmission or by doing it manually. Almost all phones I know can be configures for mobile browsing manually but not all of them can be configured automatically using OTA.
For manual setting, you just need to go to the service or internet settings and set up things like: APN, home page, username, password and others. Once set and your phone is switched on and off, it should be able to access the web. You can check your network provider's website for details on their mobile internet settings.

Selecting a data plan
By default, most sim cards are allowed to browse the web on a pay as you go basis and this means that you will be charged based on the data you use. You may however decide on a browsing plan that suits you more by dialing or subscribing to a code that your network provides for such migration. Once set, you will then be charged based on that plan.

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