How to ask an Igbo girl out

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Posted by Jude on Monday April 16, 2012 9:21:42:

Asking an Igbo girl out is probably the same way you ask a girl out anywhere but there are slight differences. Most Igbo ladies identify mostly with their custom, language and have a strong sense of family values.

Although a lot of Igbo people which live in growing cities are educated and can speak English, it is still common to find them communicating with each other in their native tongues ins schools, markets, churches and outings.

To be able to ask a Igbo girl out or as Nigerians say, "Toast an Igbo girl", knowing what kind of person she is such as her background and language can give you an edge. Knowing her level of education and view of life can help too. Knowing a bit of Igbo can connect you more with the person.

Igbo girls are respectful and also expect to be treated with respect. They prefer men who are focused and God fearing. Most Igbo girls also like to chat in Igbo or a bit of Igbo and English. So if you know some Igbo words, it can go a long way to helping you achieve your goal.

Here are certain phrases in Igbo and their meaning in English:

- Kedu ka idi = How are you?
- Afamu bu = My name is
- Enyi mu = My friend
- Biko bia = Please come
- Da lu/De me = Thank you
- Ka eme sis = Good bye
- Gini bu afa gi? = What is your name?
- Achorom Igwa gi okwu = I want to speak to you

So if you want to excuse a Igbo girl for a chat you can say, "Biko, Achorom Igwa gi okwu" which means, "Pls, I 'd like to talk to you".

When she gets your attention, the next thing you should do is introduce yourself, tell her what you like about her and ask if there is any hope for the both of you going out. If you already know how to speak Igbo, and you feel she gets what you are saying, you may continue the conversation in that language, else you should just switch to English especially if you don't know Igbo that well other than the little lines we just used.

If she is willing to go out with you, you should not forget to ask for her number and give her yours. Don't tell the girl you love her on a first day, I mean how can you love someone you are just meeting. Most girls think it is stupid, even if they don't say it. It's ok to tell her you like her and tell her the reason why you do. It could be her height, smile, complexion, shape, smile, attitude and so on.

With the right words, which could be a bit of Igbo or English, you should be able to ask most Igbo ladies out. If it is a first date, don't ask her out for late dinner. Good Igbo girls don't like staying out late. You could also ask her out for lunch, sightseeing, movies or even church service.

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