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Posted by Adams on Monday September 21, 2015 8:56:46:

The news reports I've been hearing from the tv keeps suggesting that the Nigerian government is still interested in rescuing the kidnapped Chibok girls and would not mind negotiating with Boko Haram to the extent of releasing convicted Boko haram militants. With the way I see it, I'm not sure that the girls are still alive or worth rescuing because they may have already been brain washed and married by Boko haram militants who may have turned them into killers themselves. If we d secure their relase after many years, they may have already turned to women and would be violent. Even if we do rescue some of them alive, it may be hard re-integrating them back into the Nigerian society as normal people. Is there really any hope for returning them as normal human beings after being with Boko haram for many years.


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