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Posted by Sani on Friday March 28, 2014 8:11:15:

If you are not used to the roads in Nigeria and perhaps you are just visiting, one of the things you need to be aware of is that crossing a busy road may not be so easy as it is in other countries. In Nigeria, the govt offers little or no protection to pedestrians and even if there were zebra crossings, many motorists are so ignorant to what it means.

To cross a road in Nigeria, here are things you need to do:
1. Firs look left and right to see that the road is clear
2. Look left again and right making sure there are no cars, motorcycles, tricycles or bicycles incoming.
3. Cross the road quickly.

Tips on crossing the road
- Don't just watch out for cars because you could escape cars easily but not the Okadas(bikes).
- Also be on the lookout for tricycles(Kekes) because they are the worst kind of vehicles that could hit you
- Don't walk majestically or comfortably on a zebra crossing. You could be run over by a stupid Nigerian
- Don't count on red lights. Some motorists are known to ignore it
- Ensure you have a medical insurance of your own in case of accidents since most Nigeria drivers are covered by little or no insurance for victims they may run over

Happy crossing!


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