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Posted by Dotun on Friday May 30, 2014 8:50:59:

Last week, when I noticed that my prepaid meter credit was running low and was at around 40 units, I decided to buy PHCN meter tokens online on Quickteller.com and after purchasing one worth N5000, I got a a debit alert from my bank and also got the meter tokens or PINs on my phone. I loaded the credit on my prepaid meter only to find out that my credit or units were only topped up by 5 units ro reade 45 units from 40 units.

I mean, I paid N5000 and was expecting that my credit will be topped up by about 150 or 200 units but only to find out that it was just increased by about 5 units.

I normally buy PHCN credit every month and even if there was a service charge fee deducted from it, it may only be by N750 and not by about N4900 or so. It is as if I didn't load any credit even though my bank account says I just spent N5000 on Quickteller.

Problem is that Quickteller did not even give me a breakdown of how my money was shared by them and NEPA. I think they should include how much the meter tokens were worth as well as how much service charge was deducted in my statement.

I don't know what to do now as I've already sent an email to Interswitch to solve this problem. I may also have to go to the PHCN office just to get a detailed statement of my account.

How can someone spend N5000 on buying PHCN credit only to get 5 units loaded. I think this might be a wrong calculation by PHCN or Quickteller or perhaps, the service charge or other hidden charges were over-inflated.


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