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Posted by Deji on Friday October 17, 2014 8:15:46:

I know there are many websites in Nigeria that allow users to buy things online. I would like us to review the ones we know and how they work.

Re: Shopping websites in Nigeria and how they work Posted by Godwin on Friday October 17, 2014 at 8:21:26:

I like Jumia. Jumia Nigeria is a top destination for buying a lot of things online in Nigeria. Their online store has one of the most listed items I've ever seen on local stores. They have a wide inventory and their prices are among the cheapest.

You can buy things from Jumia by first registering for a membership account either with your email or with a Facebook account. Once registered, you can start adding items to your cart.

Buying things from Jumia is like buying things from Leventis or Cash and Carry. When you are ready to checkout, you just go to the checkout section, confirm your total bill and choose to pay. You can pay with Jumia using your card or cash either immediately or on delivery. You can pay by cash deposit, cash on delivery, online card payments or POS card payment on delivery.

Jumia Nigeria accepts major bank issued cards like Visa, Mastercard and Verve.

One other thing I love about shopping with Jumia is that they accept returns as long as you return the items with their correct packaging within the stated deadline i.e. within 14 days after delivery. You can also contact their customer care center either by phone or email and they do respond swiftly.

So, before you try buying things online, you should first check if Jumia is offering that same thing because chances are they might be offering a better deal with it.

Re: Shopping websites in Nigeria and how they work Posted by Ezenet on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 14:59:41:

Konga is my top brand for online shopping in Nigeria. Konga has one of the best online marketplaces in Nigeria. You can buy things like clothes, shoes, books, kitchen tools, bathroom items and so on from Konga. They accept cash and card payments. You can pay instantly after shopping or even when they deliver you. They have a very wide product base as well as other merchants selling on their platform. Konga's website is also mobile friendly meaning that you can start and complete your online shopping experience on Konga with just your mobile phone. They are simply the best

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