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Posted by Adams on Monday January 12, 2015 11:54:33:

Nigeria has had enough of the PDP and I believe it is time we start voting for the opposition party if we really want change in our country. A vote for someone like Buhari is a vote for change. It will help make our country better if we chose to change the people in office. When people have remained in office for so long, they become so comfortable and start doing things that are only to their own benefit rather than the benefit of their employers. We are the real employers. Nigerian voters are the real people with power. If we can vote in our masses against the PDP government, no amount of rigging will even be able to stop our votes. It's time to sack the PDP. Let's vote for change. Let's vote for Buhari. All we have been having with Jonathan is bad luck. It's time to change it to true Good luck.

Re: A vote for Buhari. A vote for change Posted by Isiomaa on Monday January 12, 2015 at 11:59:17:

Buhari has been there before. Wetin he forget? We need fresh blood abeg.

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