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Posted by Felix Okoli on Thursday June 16, 2016 22:43:48:

Many Nigerians now have access to Naira cars which are powered by global card companies such as Visa and Mastercard and they got it from Nigerian banks. However, not all Nigerians banks have allowed Naira cards owners to make payments on foreign websites like Amazon and Aliexpress. At times they also tend to restrict cards from being used based on new banking rules such as for protecting the Naira. How can a card holder really know for sure if his/her Naira card can work on a foreign shopping websites like Amazon.com?

Well, an easy way to find out is to try out your card on a little transaction. You can try out a $1 transaction for instance and if it's successful, then it means that your Naira card works on Amazon.com. What can you buy with $1 on Amazon? Well you can buy a gift card reload for yourself. Yes, you can email yourself a gift card for just $1 and if it's successful, Amazon will tell you and confirm it within 5 minutes. If they however send you an email that the transaction was declined by your bank, then it means that your has not been enable for making payments on their site. You can call your bank to confirm about it if you want to know why.

Still want to know if your card is working on Amazon.com? Just buy a $1 gift card reload for yourself.


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