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Posted by Godwin on Thursday June 2, 2016 5:42:10:

Nigerian makes the most of her money from crude oil which is sells to foreign countries. The price of oil in the international market tends to fluctuate from time to time depending on the forces of demand and supply. When there is scarcity of crude oil,. the price goes up and when it is abundantly available in the market, the price tends to come down.

Most Niger Delta militants tend to focus a lot on destroying and stopping crude oil production in their region and this eventually reduces the amount of oil Nigeria has for export. It might reduce the money Nigeria makes in the short term but it increases the money they make in the long term because their activities tend to cause a disruption in the availability of crude oil to the market and this eventually pushes up the price of oil and Nigeria gains more from this.

Somehow, I even think that the Nigerian government may like the activities of the militants in the Niger Delta as their actions tend to increase the price of oil in the international market in favour of Nigeria's economy.

While the Niger Delta militants tend to celebrate and use the media to proudly boast of how they've reduced Nigeria's oil production capacity, the Federal government tends to smile to the bank because the price of oil has been increased in the international market.


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